Media / Broadcast / New Logistics Division

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    Production of ATA Carnet

    The company provides services for producing ATA Carnets, which are international customs documents allowing the temporary duty-free and tax-free import of goods for specific purposes, such as exhibitions or events.

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    Extensive knowledge of Temporary Imports Worldwide

    Demonstrating global expertise, the company possesses in-depth knowledge regarding the procedures and regulations related to temporary imports, facilitating smooth processes for clients worldwide.

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    Specialist Logistics for Events/Live News/Shows:

    The company specializes in logistics tailored for events, live news coverage, and shows. This includes customized transportation, coordination, and planning to meet the unique requirements of dynamic and time-sensitive environments.

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    Onsite Management:

    Offering onsite management services, the company ensures hands-on coordination and supervision during events or projects. This involves overseeing logistics, handling issues promptly, and ensuring the efficient execution of plans.

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    Exhibition Logistics:

    Providing comprehensive exhibition logistics services, the company manages the transportation, setup, and breakdown of exhibition materials. This involves meticulous planning, coordination with event venues, and adherence to timelines for a successful exhibition experience.