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Projects and Special Services

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    Specialists in Movements of Full Charter Projects:

    Tailored Charter Solutions: The logistics company specializes in handling full charter projects, providing tailored and dedicated transportation solutions for the movement of goods. This can include entire charters of vessels, aircraft, or other modes of transport for a specific project or shipment.

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    Experienced in Movements of Cranes, Out of Gauge, and Heavyweight Cargo:

    Cranes: The logistics provider has expertise in transporting cranes, which often require specialized handling due to their size and weight. Out of Gauge: Handling out-of-gauge cargo involves transporting items that exceed standard dimensions. This requires specialized equipment, permits, and logistics planning. Heavyweight Cargo: Experience in moving heavyweight cargo, ensuring the proper equipment and logistics are in place to safely transport large and heavy items.

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    Conventional Cargo Projects:

    Versatile Handling: In addition to specialized cargo, the company is experienced in handling conventional cargo projects. This may include standard goods that don't require specialized equipment or handling but still demand careful coordination and logistics planning.

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    Movements of Pipeline Supplies to the Oil and Gas Industry:

    Oil and Gas Logistics: Specialized in transporting supplies for pipeline projects in the oil and gas industry. This involves the movement of materials such as pipes, machinery, and equipment critical to the construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines. Compliance with Industry Standards: Adhering to industry-specific regulations, safety standards, and compliance requirements for the oil and gas sector.